Why Assembly Is Required

Any U.S. consumer in the market for most products today has probably noticed… it requires assembly; the reason for this is our country seldom manufacturers its own products and the products coming from over seas all need to be packed in boxes as small as possible; but the saving grace for our job economy… is someone needs to put it together which creates a new career industry that cannot be exported.

Because of the amount of importing we do, the manufacturers of our American made products are now required to provide products requiring assembly; this is so our “Made in the USA” manufacturers can compete with the over seas markets that are many times owned by U.S. investors or owners.

Ready-to-Assemble (RTA) products require less manpower and RTA also cuts down on delivery costs since more products can be delivered to the retailers so the consumer can buy them at prices they can afford.

The “Buy American” movement is never going to reverse what our government has allowed; so, we need to learn how to embrace the issue at hand by creating new industries that cannot be exported.

One of those industries is professional product assemblers. The only way an RTA product can be assembled is by someone in the area of the product being bought or by the consumers themselves.

The main problem with the consumer assembling their own product is, they usually don’t have the tools, time, patience or experience to do it right the first time; and because of any one of those reasons, a botched assembly will have the consumer calling the product junk; when the fact is… if it were done right the first time that same consumer would love that product and be showing it off to all their friends and family.

People and companies are popping up all around the country claiming to be assemblers. The reason for that is the boxes with an RTA product have “easy assembly” written all over them. Actually it is far from easy for the average person and the wannabe assembler never reaches the professional level.

The average person takes up to five times longer than a seasoned professional assembler. There are guys (and gals) that can put things together; but to do it professionally, most fall short of making any money because they are just not accurate or fast enough.

The industry is typically set up with set prices for the assembly of any product; to pay by the hour would be a huge mistake by the consumer since the hourly assembler proclaiming themselves as a professional may end up charging the consumer more (a lot more) than the flat rate quote the consumer got for any assembly job.

A professional assembler is someone no different than a plumber, electrician or any other skilled trade for that matter. It really does take experience and knowledge to assemble most products right for the consumer to truly get their money’s worth.

The independent technicians typically service people who buy their RTA products online, through smaller local retailers or the consumer just looking locally through any type of Internet search.

Ultimately, any independent assembly/installation technician will give the consumer the best service possible in our industry since they have a vested interst in themselves and what they do. Use your favorite search engine today to find the pros who know.

Article by: Mike Mehrle